Did you know that spaying/neutering your furry friends can help them 

live a longer healthier life?

 There are many advantages including avoiding unwanted heat cycles and puppies/kittens, minimizing roaming behaviour, and the great reduction in several kinds of cancers including mammary (if spayed before first heat cycle), uterine and ovarian cancers for female dogs and testicular cancer for male dogs. Neutered male dogs are also a lot less likely to have problems with their prostate gland as they get older. Spayed female dogs will not get dangerous uterine infections (pyometra) that can be life-threatening. It is ideal to have your dog/cats spayed after they are 6 months old and prior to their first heat cycle (females).

For the month of October we are offering 15% off all canine and feline spays or neuters!

You will receive the 15% off when your pet’s appointment is booked within the month of October. This means any spay/neuter booked in October (even if the surgery is occurring in the months after) will have 15% off the surgery cost!

Note: If the animal is over 2 years old an additional mature fee will be applied.


We are also offering 15% off tubes of Quest Plus dewormer for your horse, or 20% OFF if you buy 10 or more tubes!

This fall protect your equine companion with an appropriate dewormer!

Small strongyles and tape worms are now the major concern in adult horses.

Fecal egg counts are not required for appropriate fall deworming.

Did you know Quest Plus is the ONLY product to meet ALL of the American Association of Equine Practicioners' (AAEP) fall deworming recommendations?

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