Central Veterinary Services April 2018 Promotions

We are committed to educating our clients in how to keep your horse healthy year round, with proper healthcare, good nutrition and adequate exercise.  Central Veterinary Services stays on top of the latest advances in equine healthcare technology and we are so happy to introduce this months Equine promotions!


30% off 4Dx Snap Testing for Horses

Used to screen your horse for diseases that are transmitted by ticks like Lyme Disease & Anaplasmosis.

Call 204-275-2038 today to book your horse's appointment for this test - takes 15 minutes on farm! 


Equine First Aid Kits Available for ONLY $150

Check out what's included in this great kit below.

Order yours today by calling 204-275-2038 - pre-pay required as packages will be made as orders come in.


Central veterinary services duffle bag

Be the talk of the barn as you rep this fashionable red Central Veterinary Services duffle bag. We chose red for our Equine First Aid kit so that this kit could be found in a hurry by all parties in the case of an emergency. All the products in this kit will be packed in this duffle bag. This duffle bag also conveniently folds up into it's side pocket for easy storage when not in use.


A stethoscope is a highly valuable piece of equipment during any urgent health situation. Knowing your horse's normal heart rate and gut sounds beforehand will allow you to better assess the seriousness of the situation. We recommend practicing with your stethoscope while your horse is healthy so that you can notice a marked deviation from his or her normal quickly during an emergency.

We at Central Veterinary Services are happy to provide emergency services for equine patients in all of Winnipeg & surrounding areas. Call us anytime at 204-275-2038!



Laminated chart with equine normals & anatomy

We don't expect you to remember the normal heart rate, respiratory rate, mucous membrane colour or temperature for a horse like we do! Instead we have created a laminated sheet to go along with our equine first aid kit that has a quick reference anatomy chart on one side (pictured to the left), and a chart with the normals for a horse or foal on the other side.


Digital thermometer

This digital thermometer is key to finding out if your horse is running a fever or is a tad cool. During an emergency a veterinarian may ask if you have the horses current temperature to help to bring them to a diagnosis. This digital thermometer quickly reads your horses rectal temperature, and is preferred by our veterinarians. It also comes with a protective cover to keep the end clean.


5 Pairs of nitrile gloves

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, and can be worn by even those who have latex allergies. We recommend wearing gloves when your horse has a open sore or wound. Wounds are a common emergency we get called to, and some wounds may require the owner to apply a pressure bandage to while our veterinary team rushes to your horse. Other wounds may require you the horse owner or barn manager to cleanse the wound daily until fully healed.

When purchasing this kit our veterinary team will ask for an approximation of your hand size (S, M or L) to create a comfortable experience for you when using this kit.  


Bandage Scissors

Depending on the size of the wound you may need to cut the supplies we will speak about below. These metal bandage scissors are very safe to use as they have blunt edges that are ideal for trimming excess materials or for removing bandages during bandage changes. You will be pleased by this pair of scissors, and you'll likely have to label them so your barn mates don't steal them!


Package of 4x4 Gauze squares

Often used for cleansing sores/wounds, and soaking up fluid these 4x4 gauze squares are something all horse owners should have at the barn. These gauze squares are something our veterinary team packs for every call! You may be instructed to clean a smaller wound, or apply pressure to a larger wound using these gauze squares during an emergency to buy time until our veterinary team can rush out to help you.


500ml bottle of Hibitane skin cleanser

A general purpose antibacterial, soapless, sudsing, germicidal solution, containing 4% chlorhexidine gluconate. This skin cleanser is used every day by our veterinary team to clean wounds, sores and even prepare for surgical procedures. This gentle cleanser is good to have in the case of a small wound or abrasion so you could clean it immediately preventing an infection.


A 18" roll of Gamgee

Gamgee consists of a thick layer of superior quality, absorbent cotton enclosed in a soft, absorbent non-woven cover, which minimizes wound disruption. Gamgee insulates and cushions the wound, protecting it from external trauma. Gamgee is ideal as a highly absorbent secondary wound dressing, provides warmth and padded protection to the wound site. Our veterinarians often use a roll of Gamgee for wounds on the lower limbs.


12 (12"x4") stretch gauze rolls

Stretch Gauze Rolls are designed to be a retention bandage to secure other dressings in place, or to provide mild compression. Compression dressings can be used to reduce bleeding, controlling edema and more. This brand is preferred by our veterinary team because it is lint-free, stretchable and can easily conform to the hocks and knees.


6 (4") vetrap rolls

An elastic bandage material that sticks to only itself. Vetwrap by 3M is a versatile, high-performance bandaging tape for a broad spectrum of applications – support, compression, catheter and bandage secural making it a barn and veterinary staple! Vetrap comes in a multitude of different colours which makes it pleasant to use!

To order your Equine First Aid Kit call 204-275-2038 today!

Below are some add-on's that are available for our Equine First Aid Kits (at full price):

1) Hoof Pick   2) 500mL Iodine Solution   3) 30g Hibitane Ointment   4) 50mL Derma Gel Spray   5) 30mL Cothivet